Posted: November 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Todays book is Code Name Verity by Elisabeth Wein. This book is about an English spy who was captured by Germans during World War II. The Nazis demand that she either tells them everything about her mission, or be executed. She ends up writing everything about her life in the British Air Force […]


A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

As a childhood favorite of mine, I will never say that this series is boring, but I will say that it definitely has it’s slower points. The series is thirteen books long, all telling the story of the Baudelaire orphans. Their childhood is wrought with the horrors of death, trickery, and complete despair as they […]



Good morning everyone! Todays review will be on the book H.I.V.E. (The Higher Institute of Villainous Education) by Mark Walden. This book is probably more in the fifth or sixth grade reading level, but still has a decent storyline. Basically, boys and girls from all over the world are taken to a top secret school […]


Happy Hunger Games!

In honor of the new Hunger Games movie, todays review is on Catching Fire! Although this wasn’t my favorite book in the Hunger Games trilogy, it was a very worthwhile read with plenty of surprises and great details. First of all, sending the victors back into the game was a great idea because it showed […]

the fault in our starsss

The Fault in Our Stars

This novel has left me speechless. I have never read a more inspiring or heartbreakingly realistic novel in my life. This book shows the world through the eyes of a sixteen year old cancer patient, and yet it shows that no matter what happens in this world, there is always something good to look for.  […]


The First Review

Since this is my first review, I thought I would start with an uncommon book. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is a fantastic book full of aliens, betrayal, and some pretty insane plot twists. The main character, Ender Wiggin, is forced into a world of loneliness when he is sent to battle school at […]