After by Francine Prose

This isn’t a book you would find on  display at your local bookstore. In fact, it might not be there at all. But it should be. This book is so interesting and easy to read.  I don’t mean that it’s written at a fourth grade level either. I mean that this book is easy to follow and is written very well. Basically, the book tells the story of what happens to a public high school after there is a shooting at a school fifty miles away. A grief and crisis councilor comes to the school, and slowly takes away the rights of the students without them even noticing until it’s too late.

This book is yet another “utopian society” theme, but on a smaller scale. It highlights what happens when peoples’ rights are being taken away little by little, and it shows that the end product is not all that desirable. I really loved this book, and have read it many times now. I would say that just about anyone could read it, and probably understand it too. All in all, this book was great, easy to read, and completely gripping.