Gone by Michael Grant

Hi again! I know it’s been a while since I posted but there’s been a ton going on lately. So anyway, recently I read Gone by Michael Grant and I can’t really say that it was anything spectacular. The characters were okay and the plot was somewhat overdone but the idea was decent. Long story short, a group of roughly 200 kids join together to survive after every person over the age of fourteen disappears. They are all trapped in a bubble and a boy named Sam is elected as the “mayor” of the group. Eventually a bunch of rich and generally troubled children come from the private school on the hill above the town in which the 200 kids live in. Chaos runs through the town as Sam and the leader of the school children, Caine, fight for power all while the local psychopath Drake causes massive problems throughout the people. And of course, the story wouldn’t be a real story without a bunch of kids turning into mutant freaks with some crazy awesome super powers. But anyway this book wasn’t anything too impressive. It was a good story that was drawn out for so long that Grant could have made two books out of the just the first one. I probably wouldn’t recommend reading it.