Good morning everyone! Todays review will be on the book H.I.V.E. (The Higher Institute of Villainous Education) by Mark Walden. This book is probably more in the fifth or sixth grade reading level, but still has a decent storyline. Basically, boys and girls from all over the world are taken to a top secret school for up and coming villains. When they are at this school,  they take classes in subjects like stealth and agility, villainy studies, and many others.

The storyline is rather continuous with no major plot twists or surprises until the last book in the series. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone of a highschool level as it is a lower level book. On the other hand, if and junior high/ middle school student were to come up to me with this book,  I would tell them it is a great book and that it was definitely something they would want to read