The Beginning of Everything

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

I can’t really say if it’s a good idea to read a book in one sitting or not, I mean obviously you’ll miss a lot of little details and you’ll kind of skim through pages that seem boring or irrelevant to the story. And of course, the closer you get to the ending that faster you’re going to read, going through words like nothing was ever easier. And then the book is over. And you’ve got an entire story stuck in your head, replaying over and over until you find something else to do. As far as The Beginning of Everything goes, it’s not a bad story to have on repeat.

The book tells the story of Ezra Faulkner who, until the end of junior year, was the most popular boy in school, captain of the tennis team, and student body president. That is of course, until he got hit by a car and was left by all of his friends to  deal with injuries that would leave him permanently disabled. He spends senior year trying to regain control of his life, going back to old friends and even joining the debate team, where he meets a girl named Cassidy, who happens to be weird and amazing, as well as the best debater in the entire state.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Great. Another teen romance novel.” and yeah. it kind of is. but there’s more to it than the details in some random relationship. Actually, that’s not even the main point of the story. It’s a big deal, sure, and it definitely changes how things work out in the end, but that’s the thing. The story doesn’t end with the relationship. It ends with some kind of realization by Ezra about his life and everything that’s going on around him.

So if you’re looking for a 336 page book to read in one sitting, where there are adventures and good humor, a TON of references to fandoms and books and TV shows, puns about poetry, some random romantic happenings, and a snowman made out of tumbleweeds, then this is probably the book for you.