The Game by Terry Schott

Hello again! Sorry about the long wait for a new review, but I’ve been incredibly busy these last few weeks and have not had the time to read any new books. Luckily, the wait is over and today’s review is on a book called “The Game” by Terry Schott. This book was unexpectedly good, considering it is free on most electronic devices. To give you a brief overview, the people featured in the story are living on a planet called Tygon, and from age 5-18, children enter a simulation where they play as a human living on earth. This game teaches them different life lessons that they can apply to their own lives when they get older. The children in the game are ranked in the real world based on how entertaining their play is for others to watch. The main character, Zack, is number two on that list and the story revolves around his final play and his goal to become the top ranked player when he retires.

Like every book, this one has it’s slow points but once you get past the first few chapters, the book seems to go rather quickly. I finished it within a total of 3 hours and it was almost three hundred pages. The plot was well developed by the end of the book and a lot of unexpected occurrences popped up and the characters were equally interesting.This is one of those books where you’re going to finish it, and then you’re going to be asking yourself questions about what exactly just happened for days after, so if you’re looking for something to read but maybe don’t want to go out and buy a book, this one is definitely worth your time.