The Legon Series by Nicholas Taylor

Hello again! I recently read the Legon Series by Nicholas Taylor and I really enjoyed. It isn’t very well known but it is definitely worth the time. Basically, the series is about a boy named Legon who lived in a small town controlled by the Iumenta. The Iumenta were comparable to Elves, except they were evil and worked for the queen, who was also evil. Legon began to turn into an Elf and ended up on the run. After traveling across the country, Legon learns that he is Elven royalty and overthrows the queen.

These books are sometimes difficult to get through but I believe that they are worth it. They are fairly long though, each one being about 800 pages. The story is good though and the characters are believable and reasonably developed. At the same time, there are some grammatical errors and I am not sure if the books are available in stores or not. I have never seen them, but they are definitely available on Nooks and Kindles. In fact, the first book is free on all electronic devices and the other two are rather inexpensive as well.